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Are you with a SaaS company looking for a better way to deliver integrations to your customers? Learn how partnering with Azuqua makes that possible.

Azuqua helps people integrate their SaaS applications and create powerful automations so they can deliver better experiences for their customers and eliminate manual work for their employees.


of managers say manual work is the main reason for wasted time.


The days a week, on average, managers spend on administrative tasks instead of focusing on strategic work.

9 in 10

managers say their productivity depends on the efficiency of routine work processes provided by other departments.


It started with a few SaaS apps, but now we are in the thousands. These technologies created silos, requiring manual work no one saw coming.

Digital automation is the key that lets teams use best-of-breed apps without sacrificing connectivity or security. Work in your favorite apps, produce your best work, and automate the rest with Azuqua. 


Unify your application ecosystem

Seamlessly integrate your business-critical applications so data and process flow freely across your organization.


Redefine productivity

Create processes that are built for scale, providing your organization with a robust and reliable framework for getting more done.


Create better experiences

Simplify repetitive tasks into push-button automations that drive efficiency across your organization and streamline customer experience.

What our customers say

“I was able to connect critical applications spanning across different teams in a very short timeframe…allowing me to quickly pivot and adjust to the team’s immediate needs, leaving engineering focused on other initiatives.”

Hoon Kim,
Creative Production Manager at Airbnb

“I was up and running with Azuqua right away without having to learn the code methodology or wade through unfamiliar API documentation. I was able to integrate different systems with Azuqua unbelievably quickly.”

-Elisa Chou,
Senior Operations Manager

“Azuqua has improved our ability to better serve our customers by connecting our marketing and customer success teams in a more efficient way. Now, we have up to date customer information in every dashboard, no matter the application, and can send customers specific information based on their onboarding, support, or feature needs.”

-Jeff DaSilva,
Business Automation Analyst at Hubspot

“We believe that great customer relationships drive successful businesses. Our partnership with Azuqua empowers a range of organizations to seamlessly integrate Zendesk and their customer service conversations with the rest of their critical SaaS applications, enabling them to work more intelligently and effectively; and always with the customer in mind.”

-Billy Robbins,
Director of Technology Alliances at Zendesk

“If the VP of Engineering is building a Domo board off of Jira data and the VP of Sales is checking Salesforce dashboards daily, the information across all those applications is in sync and accurate all the time. No one has to spend time pulling reports for meetings and no one has to worry that the numbers are different.”

Melissa Terrell,
Operations Manager, Civitas Learning

“We’re not technical people. The customer service at Azuqua has been amazing. They helped us get up and running fast, which was vital to ensure that this transition didn’t disrupt our business. Now, as we move forward, if we need to create a new workflow, we feel we have the tools to do that ourselves.”

-Diana Alberghini, Project Manager
Urban Hardwoods

“Azuqua empowered our marketing and sales organizations to scale and improved our ability to convert leads into revenue. Without Azuqua, we wouldn’t have delivered leads to a large team of sales reps on time and accurately.”

Scott Kinzie,
VP of Marketing, EAT Club

“Azuqua saves us an enormous amount of time and eliminates a lot of errors, which used to trickle down to manufacturing and create even more problems. It’s also really helping with inventory management and ensuring we can evaluate performance to track profits, costs, resources and more.”

-Diana Alberghini,
Project Manager, Urban Hardwoods

“We reduced the time it takes us to invoice projects from the 35 days to 10. This is crucial to moderating cash flow and delivering projects to our partners.”

Ronan Williams,
Sr Business Systems Analyst, Live Group

“We learned about Azuqua Zendesk integrations at a conference, and Claire had our custom integration scenario between Zendesk and Asana up and running by the time we left the conference that day. We had spent months trying to do this ourselves.”

Ruth Vela Huerta,
Operations Manager at Play Telecom

“Connectivity and APIs are just starting to take off in healthcare. It’s great to be able to customize our EMR in this way. It would have taken us ten times as long to implement this solution without Azuqua.”

-Anne Garrity,
RN-Clinical Process Project Manager, WESTMED Practice Partners

“We streamlined global communications with Azuqua and Smartsheet. Now, we know that we’re delivering the same piece of information to everyone and that it reliably gets to the right person.”

-Stephen Perkins,
Senior Business Process Analyst, Next Generation Enrollment

“Having visibility into the product roadmap having that at your fingertips, just makes your conversations with your customers so much more powerful and impactful. Azuqua enables you to be more strategic and forward thinking with your conversations.”

-Ganesh Subramanian,
Client Strategy, Gainsight

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