Connect applications, data, and processes across teams

Always have the information you need at your fingertips

No matter which applications you use most, you can:

Follow up on leads faster

Get leads to sales reps in seconds by easily connecting webforms and marketing automation to your CRM. Create rules that Slack specific sales reps when leads come in so no one ever drops leads.

Have the happiest customers

Connect engineering with support, customer service, and account management so that product bugs and feature requests feel like they are being fixed instantly. Then trigger emails that alert sales as soon as that customer is ready for an upsell.

Prove value

Connect data between departments so that you can show how your actions impact others. Prove that marketing is driving upsells, that engineering is improving customer satisfaction, that support is earning revenue.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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Azuqua helped Gainsight to connect engineering to customer success so that they could provide critical product updates to the customers that were eagerly awaiting them. This helped Gainsight increase revenue retention and upsell.

Azuqua is empowering. Without Azuqua, the automation of the product feature request tracking would not have been possible.”

—Marie Sahrmann, Product Marketing Manager, GainsightSee More



Powerful Integrations for the Modern Enterprise

When your processes are unique to you

The Azuqua implementation team can get you up and running in a few days no matter how complex or legacy your systems are.

When security is a must

Modern enterprises need not only top levels of security for data privacy and integrity, but also clearly delineated roles and tiers of API access.

When automation can't ever fail

What good is automating workflows if you can’t rely on them to execute every time? Azuqua is committed to being the most reliable solution on the market with financially backed SLAs.

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