It’s time to
rethink integration
unify the cloud
automate your apps

An App for Your Apps

Take the apps you already use and make them work together automatically. Until now, businesses have had to choose between juggling hundreds of cloud applications or settling for an unsatisfactory “one-size-fits-all” service. Azuqua lets you put together a custom suite of business processes (we call them Flõs) that fits you perfectly.

More than One-to-One

Azuqua is the only platform on which anyone can build integrations that go beyond one-to-one. With one Flõ you can connect as many apps you like. To see our growing list of available apps, check out our Channel Hub.

We’ve Done the Work

Azuqua takes a code-heavy process and turns it into something anyone can do.

Be Your IT Team's New Hero

Go ask your developers how much they’d like to never build an integration again. We’ll wait here.

Get Smart Data

Add value to your data by including familiar functions and smarts in your Flõs.

Underneath our easy visual designer lies a powerful process engine.
No matter what problem you’re solving, Azuqua was made for you:

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