Record new Zendesk users in a Google Sheet

Connectors: Zendesk, Google Sheets

Connectors: Zendesk, Google Sheets


Keeping track of new Zendesk users can be tricky, especially if not everyone on the team has access to Zendesk.


Each time there is a new Zendesk user, the FLO writes the user’s information to a new row in a Google Sheet. To use the FLO, you first need to create a Google Sheet with the correct column names: Name, Role, Organization, Email, Phone, and Timezone. You can find a sample here.

Extend this FLO

You can easily record additional customer information — just add more columns to your Google Sheet and then drag additional Zendesk outputs and drop them into your new Google Sheet inputs. You can add more or different actions to the FLO, such as writing to Smartsheet or sending a Slack message. With conditional functions like Continue If or If/Else, the FLO can take different actions based on properties of the new customer, such as only recording new users who do not work for your company.

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