Record closed tickets in Zendesk to Google Sheets

Connectors: Zendesk, Google Sheets     Functions: Continue If

Connectors: Zendesk, Google Sheets

Functions: Continue If


Tracking Zendesk tickets can be tricky, especially if not everyone on the team has access to Zendesk.


This FLO triggers whenever a Zendesk ticket is updated. If it’s been closed, the FLO writes information about the ticket into a Google Sheet. To use the FLO, you first need to create a Google Sheet with the correct column names: Subject, Description, Assignee, Type, Priority, Status, Closed Date, Ticket URL, and Ticket ID. You can find a sample here.

Extend this FLO

You can tweak the FLO to record more or fewer fields in your Google Sheet. Additionally, you can easily change the FLO to write to a different spreadsheet or any other application.

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