Meet Azuqua at Zendesk Relate 2018

Azuqua is the best integration and automation platform for Zendesk. Meet the Azuqua team, see Azuqua for yourself and get inspired.

How Azuqua Extends Zendesk

At Azuqua, we help organizations replace outdated processes and practices by seamlessly integrating business-critical applications so data and processes flow freely across your organization. Zendesk software is optimized through Azuqua in three ways:

Streamline customer and employee experience

Sync data between Zendesk and other cloud applications for more informed customer conversations across teams.


Solve tickets faster

Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency between teams, so Zendesk tickets get resolved more quickly.


Create actionable insights

Surface customer data in each team’s application of choice so sales, customer service, and technical teams can respond to tickets in Zendesk faster.

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What women leaders bring to the contact center

Track 3 – November 13th at 4:00 pm
Featuring Azuqua customer Stephanie Dorman – Mediaocean


Connected Customer Experiences with Zendesk & Azuqua

Expo Hall – November 13th at 4:50 pm


The Netflix revolution continues: From content creation and consumption to Zendesk customization

Track 2 – November 14th at 1:30 pm
Featuring Azuqua customer Amie Tornincasa – Netflix

See these solutions first-hand.

Azuqua will be at booth G-4

Zendesk Relate Drinks & Bites with Azuqua & Envoy

“Zendesk and Salesforce are both very important to our business, and Azuqua was a key piece for making it all work together. We’ve been so impressed with the process and the tool itself that we’re looking to use Azuqua to integrate Jira as well.”

– Stephanie Dorman
SVP of Client Services, Mediaocean