Zendesk and Google Sheets

Automatically synchronize all of your Zendesk tickets to Google Sheets with Azuqua – a digital automation platform that lets you integrate SaaS applications and automate critical business processes.

Zendesk supplies your organization with the tools it needs to provide unparalleled customer service. Each customer support ticket created through Zendesk can be tracked, prioritized, and solved — leading to a positive user experience for each of your customers. While Zendesk offers impressive features for your organization, however, many businesses prefer to use the spreadsheet capabilities of Google Sheets to store, organize, interpret and present their data.

A Zendesk and Google Sheets integration powered by Azuqua seamlessly connects the two apps, putting each ticket into your spreadsheet setup and giving you better control of your data.


Powerful, flexible reports

Leverage the native spreadsheet capabilities that Google Sheets offers to create high-value reports. Visualize your data by creating graphs, charts, and tables to help you better understand your data.


Automated ticket synchronization

As new tickets are entered in your Zendesk ticketing system, they are automatically updated inside the spreadsheet. Additionally, when a ticket is modified inside Zendesk, this modification will be synced in real-time. 

Why Azuqua?

Azuqua offers easy-to-implement, no-code integrations between SaaS applications that increase efficiency, accuracy and output across an organization. Avoid costly and time-consuming IT solutions that require constant updating — Azuqua gets you up and running faster than any other solution thanks to its massive library of pre-built app connectors.

Follow these links to learn more about how Azuqua can enhance the capabilities of both Zendesk and Google Sheets for your organization, delivering impressive results with unsurpassable value.

Create a Zendesk Integration in Minutes

Building integrations between apps is easy for every user with Azuqua. Your organization can begin to benefit from a Zendesk Google Sheets integration almost immediately – all it takes is a quick user setup made simple with our step-by-step instructions.

Simplify the transmission of data across apps when you synchronize your Zendesk tickets to Google Sheets. When the integration is complete, each new ticket will automatically appear in the Google spreadsheet Azuqua guides you in building out for that purpose.

Enjoy instantaneous updates to your spreadsheet that are triggered with each ticket update in Zendesk. Learn how to avoid creating duplicate data with our clear and thorough instructions.

We put together easy-to-use instructions and a pre-built template to help you get your Zendesk and Google Sheets integration up and running quickly. Get going in two easy steps:

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