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Deliver a seamless customer experience by connecting Zendesk to your other SaaS apps and automating customer-critical workflow. 

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How Azuqua connects Zendesk.

At Azuqua, we help organizations replace outdated processes and practices by seamlessly integrating business-critical applications so data and processes flow freely across your organization. Zendesk software is optimized through Azuqua in three ways:


Create a fully-integrated digital experience

Integrate Zendesk with over 200 other SaaS apps so teams always have the information they need to have value-driven customer interactions. 


Accelerate customer support

Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency, so technical and support teams can solve Zendesk tickets faster. 


360 degree view of the customer

Surface customer data and bi-directionally sync updates between Zendesk and other apps like Salesforce, Jira and Wrike, so customer-facing teams have full insight into the customer lifecycle. 

Smartsheet by Azuqua

Automatically synchronize all of your Zendesk tickets to Smartsheet with Azuqua – a digital automation platform that lets you integrate SaaS applications and automate critical business processes.

We put together easy-to-use instructions and a pre-built template to help you get up and running quickly. Get going in two easy steps:

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Powerful, flexible reports

Leverage the native spreadsheet capabilities that Smartsheet offers to create high-value reports. Visualize your data by creating graphs, charts, and tables to help you better understand your data.


Automated ticket synchronization

As new tickets are entered in your system, they are automatically updated inside the spreadsheet. Additionally, when a ticket is modified inside Zendesk, this modification will be synced in real-time. 

What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere.

What is Azuqua?

Azuqua is the no-code cloud integration platform powering SaaS applications, IT teams, and business users everywhere.

Azuqua connects Zendesk to over 250 other SaaS apps, what do you want to connect?

“Zendesk and Salesforce are both very important to our business, and Azuqua was a key piece for making it all work together. We’ve been so impressed with the process and the tool itself that we’re looking to use Azuqua to integrate Jira as well.”

– Stephanie Dorman
SVP of Client Services, Mediocean