Need Your Technology To Work Harder? With Azuqua, It Can!

Product Automations



This is a training program that will help you fast track your learning to create an Azuqua enabled integrated workplace. At the end of this process, you will have the knowledge to start building your own FLOs with existing connectors.

Process Outline

4 Sessions

Pricing $1050

Kick Off
1. General Introduction to Azuqua.

– Package overview
– Introductions
– Covering Azuqua Basics

2. Use Case Analysis

– Understanding your Use Case

Data Mapping
3. Why Is Data Mapping Important?

– Data mapping and process flow
– Define your source objects, intermediate
data manipulation and target objects

4. Starting Your Mapping Table

– Now that you understand the need for Mapping, let’s get started

Building Your Flow
5. How To Get Started

– What are Connectors and Connections?
– What are Events, Actions and Functions
and how to use them
– Working with Objects and Lists

6. Demo

– Watch how to use certain building blocks


– Your time to ask any further questions

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