What to Look for in an Integration Platform

An integration platform is key to a more agile enterprise IT team, allowing the department to reduce the backlog of integration projects and delivering integrations faster to their line of business counterparts. Selecting an iPaaS is a big step, tying together SaaS, data warehouses, and your own APIs. Here are the key things to consider when evaluating a platform.

Democratize integration development, enlist citizen integrators, and reduce reliance on integration specialists by choosing solutions offering an intuitive developer experience. The solution should provide a drag-and-drop user experience, enable project self service, and visually map message formats and flows. Evaluate whether the development workbench intuitively promotes building integration workflows with webhooks, triggers, mediation actions, and pre-built connectors.

Evaluation Checklist:
  • Universal connectivity
  • Available on prem, but born in the cloud
  • Usable by line of business
  • Doesn't require specialized devs
  • API led
  • Flexibility
  • Scalable
  • Governance and administration
  • Strong support for customization


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