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Urban Hardwoods Streamlines Sales, Fulfillment and Inventory Management by Connecting Salesforce, Smartsheet and Google Drive

What they built:

When an opportunity is marked Closed Won in Salesforce, a work order is automatically created in Smartsheet to include inventory Look Books from Google Drive.

Key benefits:

  • New workflows enable teams to better track time against actual projects and properly monitor resource allocation, which enables management to better calculate profit margins and track costs more accurately.
  • Coordination between teams and the elimination of data re-entry saves time across the entire organization. This has led to increased data accuracy and more productive employees that are freed up from time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Increased efficiencies created by the new SaaS apps and Azuqua workflows will play a major part in the company’s ability to support brick and mortar expansion into California.

“On the sales and project management side, Azuqua’s saving us an enormous amount of time and eliminates a lot of errors, which used to trickle down to manufacturing and create even more problems. It’s also really helping with inventory management and ensuring we can evaluate performance to track profits, costs, resources and more.”


— Diana Alberghini, Project Manager, Urban Hardwoods

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