Slack Slash Command to get Salesforce Opportunity Details

Connectors: Slack, Salesforce     Functions: Length, If/Else, Get First Item, Compose

Connectors: Slack, Salesforce

Functions:Length, If/Else, Get First Item, Compose


I want to be be able to get information about a Salesforce Opportunity within Slack. This also will allow users without their own Salesforce account to get this basic information if needed by simply using a Slash Command.


Note: Only Slack Workplace Owners can fully set up and activate Slack Apps (unless a member has been given permission); other members will generate an approval message sent to the Workspace Owners, who will then be able to approve or deny the install of a custom integration. More details here.

We start the FLO by waiting for a Slash Command. In order to make a functioning Slack Slash Command, we first needs to set up a Slack App through Slack’s website and add a Slash Command to it that is connected to our Slash Command event card. When making the Slash Command, the requester will include the name of the Salesforce Opportunity. Within an If/Else card, we can have two different types of responses. If the Opportunity doesn’t exist, we want to warn the requester. If the Opportunity exists, we want to get the information about the Salesforce Opportunity, compose a message, and then respond to the Slash Command with the details.

Extend this FLO

This FLO can be modified to include any and all pieces of information about Salesforce Opportunities that are helpful for a given use case by simply dragging and dropping more fields into the Compose card. In its current state, we’re assuming that there is only one Opportunity with the provided name, but this FLO can be modified to send a Slack message with information about any and all matching Opportunities. Additionally, the basic concept of this FLO can be extended to create various different Slash Commands that fetch information from other systems (e.g. JIRA).

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