New Salesforce Contact creates Zendesk User

Connectors: Salesforce, Zendesk     Functions: If/Else, Error Handling

Connectors: Salesforce, Zendesk

Functions: If/Else, Error Handling


We use Salesforce to create and track all of or our organizational contacts, and once a contact is added in Salesforce we want that entity to become an end user in Zendesk.  This is currently a manual process, and mistakes get made too often. We need a way to automate this process to eliminate the errors and remove the costly double-work.


We can build a FLO that monitors Salesforce for any new Contacts.  We can then use Azuqua’s Zendesk integration to check if a user already exists with the same email.  If the user does already exists, we return that as a message. If a user doesn’t exist, we simply add them to Zendesk as an end user.  

Extend this FLO

Adding a Continue If card could filter out Salesforce Contacts by any criteria in the record.  For example, you could halt the FLO if a contact is from a specific domain, like  You could also add a notification component using Slack or any of Azuqua’s email options.

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