Create Trello cards for new Salesforce Tasks

Connectors: Salesforce, Trello     Functions: Concatenate, Compose

Connectors: Salesforce, Trello

Functions: Concatenate, Compose


We want to make sure that all tasks in Salesforce are accounted for in our project management software. We want to automate the creation of cards in Trello for each task created in Salesforce to ensure that the two systems remain in sync.


We can easily create a FLO that identifies new task records in Salesforce and extracts that data to create a new Trello card. Using Azuqua’s Concatenate and Compose cares, we can customize the formatting for all information added to Trello so that the information is standard and easily understood.

Extend this FLO

We can use the Slack connector to send notifications to a Slack channel about Trello tasks that were automatically made by this FLO. In addition, we can also use Branching functions (Continue If) to only create Trello tasks if the Salesforce task satisfies predefined criteria.

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