New Salesforce lead posted to Slack Channel

Connectors: Scheduled FLO, Slack     Functions: Compose

Connectors: Scheduled FLO, Slack

Functions: Compose


Leads are a precious commodity for our team, and we want to make sure that each lead receives the attention it deserves.  We want to alert the team via Slack each time one is added to Salesforce.


We can easily create a FLO that posts new Salesforce leads to a designated channel in Slack.  The message contains important information about the lead, including a link back to the record in Salesforce.

Extend this FLO

Logic can be added to tag a specific person in Slack (@Fred) based on some criteria in the lead.  You could also modify the FLO to divy the leads between multiple teams, again dependant on information found within the Salesforce record.

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