Get Slack alert for Hot Salesforce Leads

Connectors: Scheduled FLO, Slack     Functions: Compose

Connectors: Salesforce, Slack

Functions: Continue If, Compose


I’m a sales director and want to know whenever my team gets a new ‘hot’ Salesforce lead.  I do not want to check Salesforce multiple times per day, and prefer to be notified via Slack.   


We can easily create a FLO that is triggered every time a Salesforce Opportunity is created, use the Continue If functionality to determine if the opportunity is ‘hot’, and can use any information from the Salesforce Opportunity to create a customized Slack Message using Azuqua’s Compose Text card.    

Extend this FLO

You can easily add more information about these leads to your Slack message based on your specific Salesforce configuration.  You can also customize messages for different types of leads. This solution can also be easily modified to send an email for new leads.

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