New account in Salesforce uploads files to Box

Connectors: Salesforce, Box     Functions: Assign, Continue If, List – Length, For Each

Connectors: Salesforce, Box

Functions:  Assign, Continue If, List – Length, For Each


Like many organizations, we use Salesforce to manage our account information and Box to store and backup our files.  We need a way to take files attached to Salesforce records and upload them to Box for safe keeping and access across the organization.


This FLO looks for new Accounts in Salesforce and creates a corresponding folder in Box using the Name of the account.  We can then take each attachment associated with the account and upload it to the newly created folder.

Extend this FLO

Using the Azuqua Compose card, you can easily manipulate the folder name to suit your needs using any information from the Salesforce Account.  You could also add a notification component using Slack or any of Azuqua’s email options.

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