New Task in Salesfore creates Task in Asana

Connectors: Salesforce, Asana    Functions: n/a

Connectors: Salesforce, Asana

Functions: n/a


When our sales team adds a task in Salesforce, it needs to kick off a long list of work items by other teams across the organization.  In an effort to increase organizational transparency, we use Asana to organize and make our work visual. We need a way to automatically create certain tasks in Asana and keep the two platforms in sync.


We can create a simple FLO to monitor Salesforce for new Tasks and create any number of corresponding tasks in Asana.

Extend this FLO

Asana tasks can be assigned to a specific individual based on information in the Salesforce record.  This can be done fairly easily using an Azuqua Branching Lookup card. Similarly, Asana Tasks can be created in specific projects depending on criteria found in the Salesforce record.  In addition, it would be very easy to add additional notifications using Slack or any of Azuqua’s email options.

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