Create or update Zendesk tickets with updated JIRA work items

Connectors: Jira, Zendesk     Functions: Lookup, Branching, Compare, Continue If, Assign If

Connectors: Jira, Zendesk

Functions: Lookup, Branching, Compare, Continue If, Assign If


Our engineering team uses JIRA to keep track of work items and bugs, while our support team uses Zendesk to monitor issues and relay those to our customers.  We need a way to keep these two systems in sync without involving manual, time consuming work that is often prone to errors.


We can build a FLO using Azuqua’s JIRA and Zendesk cards to move data between the two environments.  Lookup (matching) and Branching (data comparison) functions allow the two systems to speak the same language.  

Extend this FLO

Filters can easily be added to only update Zendesk with JIRA bugs.  Notifications can also be added using Slack (like a #bugs channel) or any of Azuqua’s email options.   

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