Sync new or updated Jira issues to Zendesk tickets

Connectors: Jira, Zendesk     Functions: Call FLO, Continue If, String Compose, Lookup

Connectors: Jira, Zendesk

Functions: Call FLO, Continue If, String Compose, Lookup


If your company uses multiple issue tracking systems, it can be tough to ensure that information is kept in sync between them. This FLO aims to keep your JIRA and Zendesk instances in sync and triggers for both new and updated JIRA issues.


This FLO triggers when a JIRA issue is updated or created, then searches for a corresponding Zendesk ticket based on the summary.  If one isn’t found, it creates a new Zendesk ticket with information found in the JIRA issue.

Extend this FLO

This FLOPack can be extended in a number of ways. You can easily swap out Zendesk for any other ticketing system, even a second Jira system. You may also choose whether or not you need both triggers from both new and updated Jira issues. If you only want one, you can turn off the other corresponding FLO. Additionally, you may tweak this depending on the configuration of your Jira or Zendesk system.

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