Get Slack notification when new Jira project created

Connectors: Jira, Slack     Functions: Compose

Connectors: Jira, Slack

Functions: Compose


We’ve implemented Jira as an agile development tracking tool, but not everyone has access to it.  We want a way to keep our organization notified of any new projects without adding everyone as a user.  


We can build a simple FLO that monitors an instance of Jira for new projects, creates a custom message with information from the project, and then posts that message to a Slack channel.

Extend this FLO

You can customize which fields are included in the Slack message to include the information that is most important to your organization.  You can also add logic to only send messages when a new project meets certain criteria, or use that criteria to send messages to different Slack channels.  Slack can also be replaced with any of Azuqua’s email options.

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