Get Slack messages for new Jira work log entries

Connectors: Jira, Slack     Functions: Compose

Connectors: Jira, Slack

Functions: Compose


The work that’s tracked by engineering teams in Jira often as high impact for other departments across our company.  We want a way to keep all of the relevant stakeholders outside of the engineering team up to date on key updates without giving them access to Jira.


With Azuqua, we can build a FLO that is triggered every time a worklog is created or updated in Jira.  Using information specific to that work item, we can post a custom message to any Slack channel that notifies all members of that channel.

Extend this FLO

You can customize which fields are use in the Slack message to include the information that is most important to your organization.  You can also add logic to only send messages when a worklog meets certain criteria, or use that criteria to send messages to different Slack channels.  Slack can also be replaced with any of Azuqua’s email options.

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