Send Slack alerts for newly created JIRA issues

Connectors: Jira, Slack     Functions: Compose

Connectors: Jira, Slack

Functions: Compose


We use JIRA to keep track of all system issues on an internally built enterprise document processing system.  We want a way to notify our users throughout the company that there are bugs of which they should be aware. In addition, we want them to know when user stories are created so they can ‘watch’ stories and track their progress while in the backlog and during implementation.


We can create a FLO that triggers every time a JIRA issue is created, composes a message with details from the issue, and sends that message to a specific Slack channel.

Extend this FLO

You can easily collect more information about these Issues, based on your specific JIRA configuration, and add this information into your Slack message. You can also make custom alerts for different JIRA Projects. This solution can also be modified to send you an email alert for new Issues, be triggered by any other condition in JIRA (e.g. issue is Closed, opened by a specific group of people, etc.), or only post messages for issues that match a certain criteria.

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