Sync JIRA issues with Salesforce cases

Connectors: Jira, Salesforce     Functions: List Length, List At, If/Else

Connectors: Jira, Salesforce

Functions: List Length, List At, If/Else


Our engineering team uses JIRA to keep track of their work, but the rest of our organization uses Salesforce. Keeping Salesforce updated with progress on bug fixes and feature requests is a manual process that sometimes gets missed.  We need a way to automate this process to eliminate the busy work and errors.


This FLO connects JIRA with your Salesforce CRM to keep updates closer to the customer and allow account managers immediate access to developments from the product development side of the organization. It involves two FLOs: one to add new JIRA issues to Salesforce, and another to keep those cases updated.

Extend this FLO

A notification feature can be added to alert account managers immediately of issue updates using Slack or one of Azuqua’s email options.  You could also filter the types of issues being synced to Salesforce using a Continue If card. For example, you could only run the FLO if the Issue Type = Bug or User Story.

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