Convert new Gmail messages to Zendesk tickets

Connectors: Gmail, Zendesk     Functions: Compose

Connectors: Gmail, Zendesk

Functions: Compose


We ask our customers to use a specific email address to report any issues they find in our external web pages.  We would like this inbox to integrate directly with our Zendesk implementation by creating a new ticket for each email.  


We can build a simple FLO that monitors the Gmail inbox, collects data from incoming emails, and creates a Zendesk ticket for each message.  Using an Azuqua Compose card, we can add any information we want to the new ticket as a comment.

Extend this FLO

This can FLO can be modified to use conditional logic with a Continue If card to only create tickets when an email meets specific criteria.  You can also use the Zendesk Search Organizations connector to search by the email’s from field to identify if the user already belongs to a Zendesk organization.

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