Create Trello cards from new Gmail emails

Connectors: Gmail, Trello     Functions: Date & Time: Now, Add, Convert

Connectors: Gmail, Trello

Functions: Date & Time: Now, Add, Convert


We use a Gmail account to receive notifications of requests for proposals.  We’d like to be able to track these incoming RFPs on a Trello board to make sure that we don’t miss any important deadlines.  We currently have members or our sales team monitoring this inbox, but they are busy and emails regularly get missed. We need a way to automate this process to both eliminate the costly manual work and reduce errors.


We can build a simple FLO that monitors a Gmail inbox, derives a due date to help maintain service levels, and adds a Trello card to a specific list on the desired board.

Extend this FLO

There are any number of ways to modify this FLO.  It would be easy to add a filter to this FLO using the Continue If functionality to only create Trello cards for emails that match a certain criteria.  You could also use this FLO to create new list on a board for each email received. In addition, a notification feature could be added to post a message in a Slack channel (for example).

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