Notify Slack of new emails matching search query

Connectors: Gmail, Slack     Functions: Compare, Find, Number Add, Segment, Assign, Continue If, Compose

Connectors: Gmail, Slack

Functions: Compare, Find, Number Add, Segment, Assign, Continue If, Compose


Email groups can be overrun with junk mail which make it challenging to sift through and find the most important messages.


Without having to constantly monitor for specific messages, a user can setup keyword alerts that can pass to a Slack message or channel to alert about emails that need attention. For example, a customer support team could monitor for inbound emails from a particular customer.

Extend this FLO

The current FLO only checks if the new email is from a single specified sender, but this can easily be expanded to compare the sender against a list of email addresses (using a Lookup card), so that Slack notifications are sent for emails originating from any of them. Additionally, this FLO right now generates notifications based on the sender of the email, but it can also be customized so that one receives notifications for emails where a certain keyword exists in the body, whether or not a specific label is applied to the email, or if it has an attachment.

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