Get new email notifications in Slack

Connectors: Gmail, Slack     Functions: Text Length, Branching Assign If, Text Segment, Text Concatenate

Connectors: Gmail, Slack

Functions: Text Length, Branching Assign If, Text Segment, Text Concatenate


Modern professionals have come to rely on Slack for all of their business communication. Having to use Gmail and Slack for different types of communication complicates workflows. By receiving new emails in a Slack channel, users are able to keep their focus where it matters.


This FLOpack monitors Gmail for new emails in 5 minute intervals. When it finds new messages, it creates a summary (including sender, subject, message preview and link to full email) and posts this to the Slack channel of the user’s choosing.

Extend this FLO

With the current set of cards, a user might alter the summary message posted in Slack with additional metadata from the email or format the summary to better suit their needs. The user is also free to alter the origin and destination of data to apps other than Gmail and Slack.

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