Save Gmail attachments to Google Drive

Connectors: Gmail, Google Drive     Functions: Length, Continue If, For Each, Call Child FLO, Get Multiple

Connectors: Gmail, Google Drive

Functions: Length, Continue If, For Each, Call Child FLO, Get Multiple


We have a Gmail inbox that is reserved for receiving invoices from our vendors.  We want a way to automatically upload those to a Google Drive account where they can easily be viewed and processed.


We can create a FLO that monitors a Gmail inbox for any emails and then checks for attachments.  If there are no attachments the the FLO will stop running. If the FLO detects any attachments, it will iterate through each one and call a child FLO to push each attachment to Google Drive.

Extend this FLO

You can switch the Trello connector to any other ticketing/project management software. Additionally, you can alter what information ends up in your Trello card’s description field as needed.

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