Create JIRA tasks when new Asana tasks are created

Connectors: Jira, Asana     Functions: Compose, Assign If, If/Error

Connectors: JIRA, Asana

Functions: Compose, Assign If, If/Error


When our project management team creates a new task in a specific Asana project, we need to create a corresponding task in our JIRA implementation for our development team.  We are looking for a way to keep these two systems in sync without relying on a costly manual process that is prone to errors.


Using Azuqua’s Asana and JIRA connectors, we can create a simple FLO that checks Asana every five minutes for new tasks and adds an equivalent task in JIRA.  We can also use the Compose card to create a custom description for any Asana task that is created.

Extend this FLO

You can easily collect and share more information about these Issues, based on your specific Asana or JIRA configuration. You can also create custom workflows for different projects as they may contain different fields and information.

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