Welcome to Azuqua. 

Discover how you can automate Twitter growth with Azuqua – a digital automation platform that lets you connect SaaS applications and automate critical business processes.

Do it all with Azuqua

To help you transition off Socedo, we are offering existing customers a free, 90 day subscription of Azuqua. While the 90 day offer is only for existing Socedo customers, if you are interested in this solution, you can still access our free 30 day trial. 

Speak with one of our automation advisors to get started. They will take you through a tour of Azuqua and show you how you can replicate much of the Socedo functionality as well as explore additional potential use cases. 

Monitor Twitter in real-time

Automatically monitor Twitter for tweets from select handles or containing identified keywords

Automate growth

Automate actions like following a user, retweeting, tweeting back, or syncing user data back into your CRM and/or marketing automation platform.

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