Workfront Improves Customer Experience by Connecting Key Apps with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

When a new customer is marked as won in Salesforce, Azuqua triggers a project in Workfront and bi-directionally syncs all relevant data.

When a negative NPS survey enters Workfront, it’s automatically assigned to an executive for follow up.

Workfront is the only cloud-based Enterprise Work & Project Management solution designed to help any enterprise team—marketing, finance, etc.—unleash their value by focusing on the right work, doing their best work, and working faster than ever before.

Location: Lehi, Utah
Founded: 2001
Employees: 671
Industry: Project Management Software

“I was up and running with Azuqua right away without having to learn the code methodology or wade through unfamiliar API documentation. I was able to integrate different systems with Azuqua unbelievably fast.”

– Elise Chou
Senior Operations Manager, Workfront

Key Benefits


Customer Success

Once an enterprise deal is marked as closed or won in Salesforce, Azuqua automatically creates an implementation project in Workfront with all the necessary information and stakeholders assigned to it.

Cross-team Collaboration

As projects progress in Workfront,
Azuqua ensures the proper information is constantly synced across other key applications that teams use, like Salesforce.

Customer Feedback Management

When a negative NPS survey response is received within Workfront, Azuqua triggers an escalation process and assigns the response to an executive
for immediate follow-up.

Workfront is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution that helps marketing, IT, and other enterprise teams conquer the chaos of excessive email, redundant status meetings, and disconnected tools.

Like many companies, each customer-facing team at Workfront spends a large portion of their day working within a particular cloud or SaaS application. While these applications help teams accomplish specific job functions, their inability to effectively share critical data across systems and teams was resulting in slow response times and suboptimal customer experiences.

To overcome these challenges, Elise Chou, Senior Operations Manager at Workfront, went in search of a solution that would allow teams to connect key apps and build powerful workflows that could give customer-facing representatives the real-time information access needed to do their jobs successfully.


Elise quickly found Azuqua and immediately started to deploy it as Workfront’s app integration platform of choice. By straddling manyteams and applications, Azuqua helps to connect the customer experience via a variety of workflows that drive data accuracy, team collaboration and more refined business processes.

For example, whenever an enterprise deal in Salesforce is marked as closed or won, Azuqua triggers an implementation project in Workfront with the associated customer contracts and stakeholders.


As the project progresses, data between Workfront and Salesforce are continuously synchronized. Account executives have all the real-time information needed to maintain the customer relationship, and implementation engineers can see all historical conversations.

This increased transparency means teams have access to the right data at the right time, and full context surrounding a project to ensure the best possible experience for the customer. In addition, Elise’s team continually tracks Workfront’s net promoter score (NPS). It’s a vital piece of information used to understand customer feedback and satisfaction.

With Azuqua, every time a negative NPS survey response enters the system it is immediately identified and an escalation process is triggered that includes assigning each detractor response to an executive. That person is then responsible for setting up a meeting with the customers within four hours. This rapid communication drives short-term customer satisfaction, but also helps leadership intimately understand customer needs.