Urban Hardwoods Improves Customer Experience by Connecting Key Apps with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

When an opportunity is marked Closed Won in Salesforce, a work order is automatically created in Smartsheet to include inventory Look Books from Google Drive.

Urban Hardwoods creates custom, sustainably sourced furniture made from salvaged wood. A single piece may take up to three years to complete from tree removal to final creation. With three retail locations and a thriving online business, the company offers consumers and commercial customers both pre-made and made-to-order furniture pieces nationwide.

Location: Seattle, Washington
Founded: 2002
Employees: 11-50
Industry: Custom Furniture
Website: http://www.urbanhardwoods.com

“On the sales and project management side, Azuqua’s saving us an enormous amount of time and eliminates a lot of errors, which used to trickle down to manufacturing and create even more problems. It’s also really helping with inventory management and ensuring we can evaluate performance to track profits, costs, resources and more.”

– Diana Alberghini
Project Manager, Urban Hardwoods

Key Benefits


Cost Tracking

New workflows enable teams to better track time against actual projects and properly monitor resource allocation, which enables management to better calculate profit margins and track costs more accurately.

Time Saving

Coordination between teams and the elimination of data re-entry saves time across the entire organization. This has led to increased data accuracy and more productive employees that are freed up from time-consuming manual tasks.

Geographic Expansion

Increased efficiencies created by the new SaaS apps and Azuqua workflows will play a major part in the company’s ability to support brick and mortar expansion into California.

Making sure that sales efforts are closely linked to its team of craftsmen and their specialized inventory is vital to the company’s success. As it has grown, the company has transitioned away from manual pen and paper processes for sales and fulfillment and antiquated software such as FileMaker for inventory management. Instead, Urban Hardwoods adopted SaaS tools like Salesforce, Smartsheet and Google Drive to help teams properly manage the sales and fulfillment process.

However, in order to drive performance and eliminate efficiencies, Diana Alberghini, a project manager at Urban Hardwoods, realized they needed to go beyond the native capabilities of these tools and deliver a connected digital customer experience.


To accomplish this, she used Azuqua to integrate key applications and build powerful workflows. Together, Salesforce and Google Drive enable the sales team to communicate with customers and present real-time inventory options.

Given that sales are based on available inventory and customer selection of materials, it’s vital that inventory management be up-to-date. Once the salvaged wood is dried, surfaced, sanded, photographed, given a number, and cataloged into the inventory management system the information is then automatically synced via Azuqua into Google Drive and a Look Book is created.

After a new opportunity is closed in Salesforce and raw materials are selected, Azuqua immediately sends the order details into Smartsheet, where a work order is automatically created. The project management team then reviews all the information for accuracy. Once verified, the sheet is converted into a transfer form that automatically includes the Look Book details. This step finalizes the order and the manufacturing team begins building the piece. Throughout the entire process, workflows created by Azuqua ensure that all relevant information is synced across systems in real-time.


Azuqua has helped Diana transform Urban Hardwoods’ sales process and dramatically improved the end-to-end purchasing experience for the customer.