Mediaocean Improves Customer Experience by Connecting Key Apps with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

After a new contact record is created in Salesforce, Azuqua
searches Zendesk for existing users, then creates a new record or updates the existing one

Mediaocean is the leading software platform provider for the marketing world. Its open traditional and digital media platforms empower businesses and professionals across the global marketing ecosystem with intelligent automation, efficiency, and flexibility in their workflow.

Location: New York, New York
Founded: 2012
Employees: 501-1,000
Industry: Advertising Services

“Zendesk and Salesforce are both very important to our business, and Azuqua was a key piece for making it all work together. We’ve been so impressed with the process and the tool itself that we’re looking to use Azuqua to integrate Jira as well.”

– Stephanie Dorman
SVP of Client Services, Mediaocean


With customers in 77 countries, it’s critical that the company has strong customer support to process more than 26,000 support tickets they receive each quarter.

To keep up with the steady stream of support tickets, Mediaocean used Zendesk’s customer service software and support ticket system. But after a recent corporate acquisition, the team switched to Salesforce, a prominent CRM provider. Unfortunately, Salesforce lacked key features and usability, leading to support ticket backlogs and slower time-to- resolution. The team quickly realized that while Salesforce is a great tool for managing contacts, Zendesk delivered more comprehensive customer support features.

Stephanie Dorman concluded they needed to switch back to Zendesk, but to do so, she needed to ensure that it would not result in disconnected contacts, a loss of account hierarchy and product information, or any duplicate or mismatched records.


To meet their requirements, Zendesk recommended Azuqua, which built over 20 custom automations for Mediaocean allowing Dorman’s team to synchronize data between accounts, contacts, and tickets. These automations identify when a change has occurred in one system and executes the custom logic necessary to take action in the other system.


Since switching back to Zendesk, Dorman has seen an improvement in agent productivity, with employee satisfaction rising by 40 points and attrition rate decreasing to 3 percent.

Key Benefits


2x Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction has doubled since Mediaocean first used Zendesk due to the new user-friendly tools that include a clean ticketing interface and inline editing capability.

Improved Productivity

Employees are able to get a complete customer view through a high level of transparency in Salesforce. This transparency unites sales and customer support to respond to tickets in Zendesk faster.

Improved Customer Experience

More clients are using the web portal and receiving responses from Mediaocean agents much faster.