Live Group Improves Customer Experience by Connecting Key Apps with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

When new projects are added to Salesforce, Azuqua syncs the information to the calendar in Smartsheet.

Azuqua populates a list of all active projects in Smartsheet where project managers enter hours worked, which is then updated back in Salesforce

Live Group is a full-service events agency based in London. As one of the world’s leading event management specialists, the company manages over 300 executive events a year for 30,000+ attendees.

Location: Kingston Upon Thames, England
Founded: n/a
Employees: 11-50
Industry: Event Services

“The primary driver for us was time. When I first began experimenting with Azuqua, I couldn’t believe how quickly and how easily you can get primitive Flos working accurately between the two systems.”

– Ronan Williams
Senior Business Systems Analyst at Live Group

Key Benefits


Contract and Partner Management

Azuqua enables Salesforce to relay data to a shared-access Smartsheet immediately, and a simple check box in Salesforce is all it takes for information to be transferred to Smartsheet via Azuqua.

Logistics and Resource Allocation

Information from Salesforce can easily be overlaid against calendars in Smartsheet now that Azuqua syncs information between the two SaaS apps.

Budgeting and Forecasting

With the Azuqua connectors in place, project managers now enter hours worked on each project into Smartsheet, which Azuqua then transmits to Salesforce.


As a full-service events agency, Live Group manages hundreds of executive events a year for thousands of attendees.

Effectively managing those events presents steep logistical and collaboration issues, from project management and staffing to communications across both suppliers and customers. Ronan Williams, Senior Business Systems Analyst at Live Group, sought out a solution to address the crippling effects that manual data syncing across those areas was having on the business.

Costly mistakes across departments were slipping through the cracks as each team used the SaaS system that addressed their functional needs, with details delayed or lost in long email chains, late syncs, and human error. The Sales and Account teams updated Salesforce to keep in touch with and add contacts, create quotes, and report, while the Project Managers used Smartsheet to manage resources and personnel across events. Each team was supported, but the two systems weren’t working together to deliver a whole company solution.


That’s when Ronan found Azuqua, which was able to quickly address the three core challenges they faced: contract and partner management, logistics and resource allocation, and forecasting and budgeting. Using Azuqua to connect Salesforce and Smartsheet, Live Group was able to quickly and effectively eradicate hours of manual work and provide insightful outcomes in the process.


In less than a year working with Azuqua, Live Group has reduced the time it takes to invoice projects to partners from 35 days down to 10, and show a more accurate correlation between budgeted hours and actual hours worked.

The data gleaned from the Azuqua flow between Smartsheet and Salesforce also helped Live Group identify which projects they make a greater profit margin on and which were losing money.

Ultimately, with the help of Azuqua, Live Group has been able to successfully address the three core challenges holding them back, and move forward on a more efficient and profitable path.