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How Azuqua Extends Zendesk

Azuqua lets you connect Zendesk to hundreds of cloud applications, empowering you to create tailored, automated processes that unlock amazing customer experiences.

With Azuqua you can:

  • Have More Informed Conversations: Engage in more informed customer communication by sharing customer data between Zendesk and other cloud applications. 
  • Take Action Faster: Surface Zendesk data in each team’s application of choice so Engineering, Sales, and Customer Support have what they need to take action.
  • Exceed Customer Expectations: Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency across teams, so you can solve customer tickets faster.


Featured Zendesk Automations

Salesforce + Zendesk

The Automation:
This automation creates a ticket in Zendesk when a case is created in Salesforce and syncs custom fields and data. Conversely, when a ticket is created in Zendesk, a case is spun up in Salesforce. In the background, a search process
takes place that eliminates redundant accounts, cases, or tickets, and merges any duplicates.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
This automation increases the speed and quality of ticket resolution by allowing the support team to hit the ground running with critical account information. Customer issues are transparent for the sales team as well because tickets bi-directionally sync with Salesforce.

By using Salesforce as the source of truth for customer data and Zendesk as the source of truth for customer ticketing, teams can tackle their work without the risk of inconsistent, duplicate, or inaccurate data between systems.


Gainsight + Zendesk

The Automation:
This automation syncs customer success and customer support data between Gainsight and Zendesk, allowing both teams to have a real-time view of customer data and status.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
Without complete insight into customer interactions, it’s hard to understand the status of the customer. For example, sometimes customers reach out directly to their account manager or sales rep to resolve issues, other times they might submit a support ticket. This creates a disconnect when those systems aren’t in sync.

Today, customers expect a seamless digital experience. By connecting Gainsight and Zendesk you can ensure that customer success and support have access to the right information to have the right conversations.