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How Azuqua Extends Wrike

Azuqua lets you connect Wrike to hundreds of SaaS applications, making it easy to create tailored, automated processes that unlock new possibilities for your organization.

With Azuqua you can:

  • Enable Integrated Work Management: Connect files, custom fields, and workflow across your SaaS applications to deliver fully
    integrated work management for your organization.
  • Eliminate Manual Work: Automate time-consuming manual tasks for improved efficiency across teams, so you can focus on producing your
    best work.
  • Improve Accuracy: Define Wrike as a source of truth by syncing tasks, notes, and updates across applications with custom logic and rules so project data is kept clean and consistent.


Featured Wrike Automations

Salesforce + Wrike

The Automation:
When a customer purchases an item online, this automation triggers a sale in Salesforce and automatically spin up a project in Wrike to coordinate the moving parts for fulfillment. This automation routes fulfillment projects based on
product codes in Salesforce so that the tasks end up on the right team’s plate and steps can be taken right away to expedite fulfillment.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
This automation has an immediate impact on customer experience, ensuring that the transition from sales to fulfillment is as efficient as possible. By eliminating the manual steps between systems, customer data is kept consistent and no details are lost in translation. Fulfillment can be executed more efficiently and customers’ expectations are always met with prompt and accurate service.


Github + Wrike

The Automation:
This automation integrates Wrike with Github, a task tracking tool typically used by technical/engineering teams. A corresponding project or issue within Github is automatically spun up for tasks that are tagged for ‘Development’. As
technical teams complete their work within Github, critical information like labels and milestones are synced over to corresponding objects in Wrike with the same data structure.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
Technical teams can now use their application of choice to track projects and issues without sacrificing data consistency or cleanliness. This eliminates both the number of seats needed in both applications and a significant amount of time that was previously spent manually updating the two systems. With this automation, project managers have full insight into engineering tasks and can view all the critical information in a single location for project auditing and reporting.