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How Azuqua Extends Gainsight

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect Gainsight to hundreds of applications, making it easy to create powerful automations across your organization.

With Azuqua you can:

  • Have More Informed Conversations: Engage in more informed customer communication by sharing customer data between Gainsight and other cloud applications
  • Make Work Actionable: Surface Gainsight data in each team’s application of choice so Engineering, Support, and Customer Success can take immediate action
  • Exceed Customer Expectations: Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency across teams, so you can react to customer requests faster


Key Benefits

  • Improve Visibility
    • Improve customer data visibility and reporting by connecting critical data housed within Gainsight across to other applications
  • Deliver Better Experiences
    • Leverage automation to streamline the way you react to feedback captured from your customer by orchestrating all of your applications around Gainsight 


Featured Gainsight Automation

Zendesk + Gainsight

The Automation:
This automation syncs customer success and customer support data between Gainsight and Zendesk, allowing both teams to have a real-time view of customer data and status.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
Without complete insight into customer interactions, it’s hard to understand if they’re happy. For example, customers often directly reach out to support to resolve issues, instead of contacting their account managers.

Today, customers expect a seamless digital experience. By connecting Gainsight and Zendesk you can ensure that your entire customer success organization has a real-time view of critical information.