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How Azuqua Extends Atlassian

Azuqua lets you connect your favorite Atlassian tools to hundreds of cloud applications, making it possible to create tailored, automated processes that unlock new possibilities for your organization.

With Azuqua you can:

  • Take Action Faster: Surface critical data in each team’s application of choice so Engineering, Sales, and Customer Support have what they need to take action.
  • Eliminate Manual Work: Automate error-prone manual processes and task handoff for improved efficiency across teams, so you can focus on producing your best work.
  • Improve Data Accuracy: Define a source of truth and bi-directionally sync data across applications with custom logic and rules so data is kept clean and consistent.


Featured Atlassian Automation

ServiceNow + Zendesk + Jira

The Automation:
This automation monitors for new tickets created in apps like ServiceNow or Zendesk. When a ticket includes an “engineering” tag, an issue is spun up in Jira and critical information like task description, due date, and assignee are synced with Jira. When updates are made in either application, data is bi-directionally synced to keep customer support and engineering on the same page.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
This automation increases the speed and quality of ticket resolution by allowing the engineering team to hit the ground running with critical task information. Ticket progress is transparent for the support team as well because updates bi-directionally sync between both systems.

By using your ticketing app as the source of truth for customer data and Jira as the source of truth for engineering tasks, teams can tackle their work without the risk of inconsistent, duplicate, or inaccurate data between systems.


Featured Stride App – Salesforce by Azuqua

What Salesforce by Azuqua does:

  • Posts updates on closed won/closed lost opportunities directly into a specific room in Stride.
  • Sends notifications via Stride when an opportunity is marked closed won.
  • Allows you to share Salesforce details in Stride as an easy-to-read card by pasting a Salesforce URL.

Key Problem(s) Solved:

Without real-time updates for your sales pipeline, it’s hard to keep up with the status of your deals. This app surfaces the data you need directly within Stride so you never have to leave your chat app to get a pulse on your business.