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How Azuqua Extends Adobe Experience Cloud 

Azuqua lets you connect your favorite Adobe products to hundreds of Saas applications making it easy to create tailored, automated processes that unlock new possibilities for your organization.

With Azuqua you can:

  • Create Seamless Digital Experiences: Connect customer data from critical SaaS apps like your CRM, marketing automation, and Adobe Experience Cloud to deliver a fully integrated digital experience.
  • Eliminate Manual Work: Automate error-prone manual processes and project management for improved efficiency across teams, so you can focus on producing your best work.
  • Improve Data Accuracy: Define a source of truth and sync data across applications with custom logic and rules so data is kept clean and consistent.


Featured Adobe Automations

Adobe Experience Manager (Sites, Forms, and Assets)

Share updates and changes in content management assets and bi-directionally sync data with Project Management systems (PMO), like Workfront and Wrike. Enable conditional actions, such as the triggering of a new asset in AEM to create a task for the Digital Production team to review and address that asset in Workfront or Wrike.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
• Expedite turnaround time for approvals/task completion
• Improve collaboration between marketing/design teams & project management teams


Adobe Analytics

Ingest data from various marketing sources, like digital advertising solution Google DoubleClick, to drive lead conversions. Additionally, to improve the customer experience, Azuqua seamlessly integrates with CRM systems to allow CSM teams to complete analysis and follow up.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
• Enables companies to be data driven by providing a 360-degree view for customer success teams to engage with customers


Adobe Analytics Triggers

This scenario lets you quickly re-engage customers who do not successfully place an order by syncing data across Adobe Analytics, Dynamics CRM, and Marketo. When a cart is abandoned, an automation is kicked off that tracks the customer and sends a tailored follow-up email based on
custom rules in Adobe Analytics.

Key Problem(s) Solved:
• Improve customer conversion on ecommerce sites
• Keep CRM system up-to-date based on web activities, providing you with clearer objectives for nurture and email marketing campaigns.