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Azuqua enables you to quickly connect hundreds of SaaS applications making it easy to create powerful automations and integrations.

Instructional Videos

Azuqua 101

Azuqua 101 is your first step in learning how to use Azuqua. In this class we will cover the essentials, reviewing what is a FLO, how Actions and Functions work, what is an Event, and more. We work through building a FLO, start-to-finish and end with a completed and functioning process.

Azuqua Building Blocks
In this class we will expand upon material first presented in Azuqua 101. We’ll cover common vocabulary, explain more about cards and card types, help you understand how to leverage Execution History, and then review testing and running FLOs.

Actions and Events in Azuqua
In this brief video we’ll explain how Actions and Events differ by creating a FLO which monitors a Twitter feed and makes a post to Slack when somebody makes a post about your company name.

Functions in Azuqua

In this module we’ll explain more about functions. You’ll learn about different kinds of functions such as Object and List, and see some examples of how they work to parse, merge, and more. 

The Options Tab
In this brief video we’ll explain how Options work within cards in Azuqua FLOs.

Creating Connections in Azuqua
In this brief tutorial, we’ll explain how to set up Connections within Azuqua following several common authentication patterns.


Inputs, Outputs, and Drag and Drop Functionality in Azuqua
In this short video we’ll explore how inputs and outputs present within Azuqua. We’ll cover field types and explore Drag and Drop functionality within FLOs.


Azuqua Conditionals: If/Else and If/ElseIf

In this module we’ll explain how to leverage the If/Else and If/Elseif cards – commonly used Control cards within Azuqua.



Testing Cards

In this module we’ll review easy ways to test individual cards within a FLO.




In this module, we’ll discuss Tables, a very powerful feature that helps you develop very robust integration solutions.

Tables provide a convenient way to aggregate important data and have it persist across any and all FLOs that you create!  

Event Types

In this module, we’ll go deeper into Events and learn about the types, or kinds of events and how they affect building FLOs.

Handling Dates and Times

Dates and Times are a common challenge to anyone working to interconnect different cloud-based applications.  Many applications settle on their own “default” format for times and dates, thus conversions are inevitable!  In this module we’ll go into more detail on how to affect great outcomes with dates and times in your FLOs!

Designer Best Practices

In this module, we’ll present what we consider to be Best Practices in working with Designer – your FLO-building interface.  If you follow a few simple guidelines you can Stay Organized and Keep your FLOs (Human) Readable and easy to work with.

API and JSON – The Fundamentals

We leverage APIs to build connections between applications. Within our application, we leverage JSON as a means to pass information between cards (and more). Within this module, we’ll explain APIs and JSON in context of FLOs!

Post-Live Troubleshooting

As with any framework which connects applications, things change and you may over time experience unexpected issues.  This module focuses on the tools to help you to successfully triage and troubleshoot many common problems! 

Building Connectors

In this module, we explain what connectors in detail and explain how you can build your own. This material is specifically for those who ideally have mastery in building FLOs and have an understanding of JSON.

JavaScript and the Call Code Function Card

While there are a large number of functions available for use with your FLOs, you may sometimes find the need for one a particular function that either doesn’t exist OR may make for a complex process with existing cards.

The “Call Code Function” card allows you to create your own JavaScript-based code functions and call them in the form of a special card within your FLO!

“Now we only talk about solving for customer success and values because the technical complexities disappeared with the introduction of Azuqua.”

- Jeff DaSilva
Business Automation Analyst, HubSpot

Product Datasheets

Azuqua delivers a robust SaaS integration platform that empowers product and services teams to standardize the delivery of custom integrations – allowing you to focus on core product features, win new business, and improve client retention.


Gain a high level understanding of how integration and automation can impact your organization with the power of Azuqua’s intuitive, powerful, and resilient digital automation platform.


Learn how Azuqua keeps your data secure while complying to the Service Organization Control Type 2 audit.


Dive in and explore the different types of error handling that help you automate with confidence and build a reliable framework for automation.


Find out how Azuqua works by exploring what a FLO is. Take command of your workflow with Triggers, Actions, and Logic Functions.


Application Datasheets

Learn how Azuqua lets you connect your favorite Adobe products to hundreds of SaaS applications.


Find out how Azuqua extends Atlassian. Whether you use Jira, Stride, or Confluence (the list goes on) we can help.


Improving customer data visibility and delivering better customer experiences are just a few benefits when you use Gainsight with Azuqua.


Automate Smartsheet tasks in minutes and keep your most crucial data synced, all while connecting it to your favorite applications.


Connect work across your enterprise by integrating Workfront with your other SaaS applications.

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Make Wrike a more powerful tool for your team by automating the repeititve, time-intensive tasks that surround project management.


Deliver a fully-integrated customer experience by connecting Zendesk with your other customer facing platforms like Jira, Salesforce, Wrike and more. 


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