Kids II Improves Customer Experience by Connecting Key Apps with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

When a new project is created in Workfront, Azuqua kicks off several key automated workflows with Slack and Dropbox.

Kids II designs and manufactures baby and infant gear, including brands such as Bright Starts, Baby Einstein, Disney Baby and more. The company has 14 international offices with more than 500 employees working across 5 brands and 400+ products.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: 1969
Employees: 201-500
Industry: Consumer Goods

Key Benefits

Team Communication

When a new project is created, Azuqua enables Workfront to automatically spin up a new Slack channel and properly notify team members of new assignments or project updates.

Project Centralization

By connecting key cloud applications and automating the exchange of information, Workfront becomes the single ‘source of truth’ for all projects, while allowing teams to use the tools they love.


Project Efficiency

Azuqua uses powerful workflows to streamline overall project management and save time.


Kids II specializes in conceptualizing and bringing new products to market quickly. Project management is a crucial part of that process. Unfortunately, when teams use different cloud applications and tools, team communication and information sharing becomes more challenging. Alan Tabor, a software architect and developer, realized the company could overcome some of these challenges by integrating key cloud applications and building powerful workflows that would automate key elements of their project management ecosystem.

Alan’s approach was simple. He wanted to start with small integrations to help ensure team adoption and tailor these integrations to specific processes and team environments. For most projects, teams utilize Workfront for project management including scheduling, budgeting, tasks and assignments. They use Slack for communications including design reviews, discussions, messages, meeting agendas and notes, and project updates. And finally, they use Dropbox for project asset storage including sharing documents, mechanicals, fonts, support files and more.


After some initial research, Alan discovered Azuqua. The platform would allow him to accelerate the integration process and quickly build powerful workflows including:

Project Creation: When a new project is created in Workfront, a corresponding Slack channel and Dropbox folder are automatically created and tied to the project. This allows team members to communicate and use all three tools in parallel, but Workfront remains the centralized ‘source of truth.’

Project Updates: When updates are made in a Workfront project, that information is sent to the corresponding Slack channel. Team members can also post updates to Slack and that information is synced back into the Workfront project update section.

Assignments: When a new task is assigned to a team member in Workfront, a direct message is sent to that team member via Slack.

Resolution: When a project is marked complete in Workfront, the Slack channel is automatically archived to reduce clutter.


Alan is also working on additional project management automations, including one that allows team members to close a project in Workfront by sending a message from Slack. Furthermore, the use of the Azuqua platform has been so successful that the company is planning phase two, which includes integrating Microsoft Cloud to align with Kids II’s other document management systems and key applications like Tableau, Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce and more.

“Within a couple days of using Azuqua, I had a fully integrated project management ecosystem ready for beta. This would have take me several weeks using the API scripts available in the cloud applications.”


– Alan Tabor, Software Architect and Developer at Kids II