EAT Club Improves Customer Experience by Connecting Key Apps with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

When a new prospect hits the company’s website and is recorded in Marketo, Azuqua instantly creates a new opportunity for sales in Pipedrive.

EAT Club is a pioneering food technology company and one of the largest business-focused personal lunch delivery companies in the U.S.

Location: Redwood City, California
Founded: 2010
Employees: 501-1,000
Industry: Food and Drink

“Finally with Azuqua, we have all our apps connected and talking to each other. Azuqua is indispensable.”

– Loic Engulu
Sales Analyst, EAT Club

Key Benefits


Improved Customer Experience

By connecting Marketo and Pipedrive with an automated workflow from Azuqua, the team is able to contact website leads in less than an hour, making it seven times more likely to convert into a qualified lead.


Performance Management

When a marketing campaign ends, Azuqua syncs all relevant information to a custom report that allows the team to track lead conversion and customer acquisition performance.


Cross-team Collaboration

As deals are updated in Pipedrive, Azuqua automatically syncs key details back into Marketo ensuring lead transparency across teams.


Much of the company’s customer acquisition is driven by digital advertising and marketing campaigns that drive prospects and traffic to the website. Turning this traffic into actionable leads for the sales team is vital to the company’s success and future growth. To help accomplish this, EAT Club uses Marketo to capture leads and Pipedrive to manage opportunities.

However, Loic Engulu, a Sales Analyst at EAT Club, quickly realized that while these two cloud applications provide strong capabilities for their respective teams, they don’t adequately share the information needed to create powerful workflows. For example, to better drive lead generation, the marketing and sales teams at EAT Club needed to be as responsive as possible to website queries. Loic already knew if they could respond within an hour of initial contact, they were seven times more likely to convert that action into a qualified lead. Unfortunately, he could not create a native workflow between Marketo and Pipedrive that could adequately support this initiative. 

Furthermore, Loic and the teams at Eat Club wanted to create a feedback loop for marketing that would allow them to automatically capture and track lead conversion and customer acquisition in a report. They also needed to streamline how Marketo and Pipedrive shared key information back and forth, so they could accurately resolve final sales agreements and eliminate the need for manual re-entry of data.


After looking at a variety of integration and automation solutions from simple API integrations to custom development work, Loic selected Azuqua for its ease of implementation, powerful workflow automation, and reliable operations. His team now has complete insight into campaign performance so they can execute more intelligent marketing campaigns and shift resources to tactics that maximize lead performance.


With a closed-loop process in place for syncing data, the team also knows the outcome or status of each lead generated and can automatically add the appropriate lead nurturing activities. And, with automated lead routing between Marketo and Pipedrive, EAT Club is able to maximize sales productivity by focusing efforts on timely prospect engagement, rather than data management.