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Azuqua enables you to quickly connect hundreds of SaaS applications making it easy to create powerful automations and integrations.

Building no-code integrations with Azuqua.

An anonymous project and task management platform embedded Azuqua for its new no-code cloud integration platform that connects with more than 150 business-critical applications. Since the platform is codeless and flexible, customers can minimize the cost associated with building, maintaining, and supporting integrations.



Annual ROI



Average annual benefit


8.4 months

Payback period


A no-code integration solution was the result of the company vision for a new product – to deliver content to the users more quickly by simplifying access and automation to other business applications and platforms. In 2016 it began internal discussions to address the issues its users and businesses faced due to increased data volume and quantity of work. The product delivers uncomplicated collaboration via connectors, to a businesses’ other systems of record and delivers the breadth of functionality, ease of use, reporting, and compliance that its clients need for continued growth.


As part of the development of this product, a team consisting of product management, engineering, and professional services defined the product vision and opted for it to be vendor driven rather than self-built to be more efficient and updatable. Additionally, the lower development costs would deliver a product that is more accessible for potential buyers. The company began conversations with several integration vendors to find the most appropriate partner. Azuqua was selected because it integrates and automates the application ecosystem with a no-code process that does not require sophisticated IT support and connects business apps and platforms more efficiently than other offerings.

Once Azuqua was selected, the team began the development process in the third quarter of 2016, and the solution became available to the marketplace in May 2018.


The main benefits the company achieved by adopting Azuqua OEM deployment include reduced time-to-value, generated a new revenue source, and avoided costs of in-house development – enabling it to capture a market edge over its competitors.


Time-to-value: Azuqua was selected, deployed, and available to clients in less than five months. If the company had decided to develop and build a platform in-house, or use an alternative vendor, the time for deployment would have been at least one year and estimated start-up costs of $1,000,000.


A new source of revenue: It is a new product line that generated additional revenue almost immediately. Nucleus found that the goal of 100 new users by the end of 2019 may be a conservative estimate.


Competitive edge: The model leverages a flexible and agile methodology that is defining the direction of the OEM market for connectors.

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