Allocadia Streamlines Client Experience with Azuqua

Use Case Overview 

Allocadia, creator of a leading marketing ROI solution, was growing rapidly and needed a solution to help the company scale and accelerate the customer integration process. Using Azuqua, Allocadia successfully sped up creation of new integrations from 3 months to a few weeks, enabled the services team to support more customers with no additional headcount and provided a better customer experience that drives “stickiness.”

Allocadia provides Marketing Performance Management software, helping marketing teams confidently plan, manage investments, and measure results & ROI.

They knew there had to be a better way.

Location: Vancouver, BC
Founded: 2011
Industry: Marketing Management

Key Benefits

Improved Productivity

Accelerated creation of new integrations from 3 months to 4 weeks.


Improved Customer Support

Enabled the services team to support more customers with no additional headcount.

Improved Customer Experience

Increased customer stickiness with new customers and grow accounts with existing business. 


At Allocadia, customers can extend the value of the product by integrating the solution with other systems across their marketing stack—from CRM to marketing automation solutions, and everything in between. The tremendous success of the Allocadia sales team was putting pressure on the company’s development and services teams, which needed to onboard customers including setting up and managing multiple integrations for many customers. In fact, creating custom API integrations often required significant hours from the company’s development team, and took valuable resources away from developing new product features. It might take weeks or even months to complete an integration with a new solution—not an ideal customer experience.

“We often had to wait on developer resources to create new integrations, which meant delays in getting our customers fully launched, “ explains Liz McKeown, professional services consultant at Allocadia.



The Allocadia product team first learned about Azuqua when researching options for addressing the cumbersome integration process. The company selected Azuqua because of the huge number of integration possibilities, as well as positive conversations with the company and the fact that the companies had a large number of mutual customers. Most important, the product team recognized that Azuqua would enable the Allocadia services team to onboard and service more customers–without hiring additional resources.


Now using Azuqua to integrate customers’ systems, Allocadia has dramatically accelerated the integration process— eliminating the need for company developers to build custom integrations for customers. Previously a new integration could take three months or more to build, but it now can be completed in less than four weeks.

The Allocadia sales team has seen important benefits in the sales cycle now that the services team is using Azuqua. “Prospects today close with less friction, because we’re able to say we can integrate with any system that has a public API via Azuqua,” says Brad Hefferon, lead solutions architect atAllocadia. “Azuqua helps us close more deals, increase ARR and increase stickiness with new customers and existing customers—especially those that may not have IT resources.We’re able to take the pressure off their developers and addreal value for a better customer experience.”

The benefits of using Azuqua touch on multiple parts of thecompany. “The way Azuqua has transformed the business is two-fold: one, in helping us close deals more quickly, as a resultof the number of integrations and connections we can offer, eliminating lengthy development cycles,” says Hefferon.”Theother is that the professional services team no longer has to rely on developers to update and service their customers.”

In fact, McKeown explains that Azuqua eliminates the need for technical expertise—they need only understand what the systems are capable of, and Azuqua does the rest to enable the professional services team to build integrations quickly.

“Azuqua took the complexity out of the equation for integrating customers’ systems with Allocadia,” McKeown says. “Whether we have a solid idea of how the customer wants the integrationconfigured—or not—Azuqua helps us build it quickly. And if it’san integration we’ve done before, we can do a demo within a week.”

What’s more, the team is developing better ways to manage customer integrations, so that they are able to further scale the team as the company increases its customers. “We’re learning how to leverage Azuqua to make it even easier to manage and update integrations for our customers,” McKeown says.

Hefferon adds: “Before Azuqua, our sales team would focus on the purchase first, and worry about integrations later. Now, ifyou want to connect with any system with a public API, we areconfident we can do it thanks to Azuqua. From the sales side,that’s a huge win.”

“Azuqua helps us close more deals, increase ARR and increase stickiness with new customers and existing customers.”


– Brad Hefferon, Lead Solutions Architect,