Connect Your Data, Process, People, and Technology

Unify and regain control of your SaaS ecosystem, redefine productivity through automation, and create extraordinary experiences for customers and employees alike. 

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Integrate your data, apps, and tools

Unify your SaaS ecosystem

Translate and transmit data across hundreds of SaaS applications and databases, beyond what native integrations, point-to-point, or template-based solutions are capable of.

Keep data in motion

Deriving maximum value from your data requires data to be in constant motion. Break down isolated business databases and applications, enable data-driven decision-making, and surface valuable customer intelligence and insights. 

Breakdown data silos and bottlenecks

EDIT Improve data integrity and quality. Data must speak the same language, translate and transmit information between applications and through business processes. mission-critical and irreplaceable data. 

Automate mission critical business processes

Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks

Automate repetitive work, content management, and data capture; eliminating data replication and manual data syncing thus improving data integrity and quality. Eliminate copy-and-paste data entry errors and free employees to do higher-value work. 

Automate processes, basic to sophisticated

Azuqua enables basic and advanced scenarios – start simple by synchronizing data between applications, or build complex logic-driven workflows tailored to specific business processes or that require human interaction; such as approval workflows, lead escalation, task assignment, and exception review. SOLUTIONS

Orchestrate business processes

Extend business processes across multiple teams. Trigger a workflow at the moment new data is received using polling or webhooks. Schedule events to trigger workflows that can run indefinitely or for a defined period or number of times. Then, use the presence or absence of data to trigger specific if/else workflows or child flows – all without user intervention. 

Business Process Management 

Dynamically generate documents

Sophisticated branching to create multiple subprocesses and conditionals to produce multiple outcomes based on logic. 

Connect your colleagues and customers 

Enhance customer experiences

Just like your business processes your employees suffer from application spawl and data silos, leaving them unable to meet customer expectations. Connected employees have the ability to provide extraordinary, repeatable customer service experiences. 

Turn data into answers

Get insight from the aggregate data from multiple systems. Use information to better engage customers, employees and partners. Opens up the opportunity for new experiences, interactions, collaborations, and value of full visibility.  

Focus on purpose-driven work

Ability to collaborate a single orchestration FLO while maintaining restrictions on individual account configurations. Resources allocated to more important uses. Employees work faster and provide better results when they have the right data, in the right place, at the right time – never worrying about which application they’re in. 

they can collaborate and communicate with ease, and deliver extraordinary customer experiences each and every day.

Regain visibility, security, and control of your SaaS ecosystem

Control companywide systems and data

Regain control of SaaS applications and databases; putting every system and its data back under one roof. Connected systems to ensure compliance, bridge gaps, eliminate seams between teams, and with full adherence to definied processes.  

Control companywide data

Adoption of SaaS applications at the team level for specialization and ease of use without IT consent, has lead to problems including duplicate services, hard-to-trace subscription licenses, massive amounts of data sprawl, and an overwhelming lack of control. 

Insure security and governance

Azuqua is built on enterprise security standards like AES data encryption at rest, SOC 2 compliance, and secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) methodology. Read more.

Governance console W

Provides enterprise wide visibility into apps being integrated, data going across the firewall, and usage information for each user. It further provides enforcement of policies to improve security and governance.

Understand the driving economics of the business and how your organization is contributing to the bottom line.  

Connect typically disconnected areas of the business between applications.

Role and access controls

Limit access and permissions of users within teams using predefined or custom roles and access control lists. Further, provision and deprovision users using SSO. Error Handling – Set up automations that execute when an error is detected, so you know your business critical processes will execute on time, every time.


Ability to collaborate a single orchestration FLO while maintaining restrictions on individual account configurations. Resources allocated to more important uses.  Collaborate with multiple users on workflows and projects, and view collaborators’ information in real time.

As flexible as it is powerful

Flexible solutions


Future-proof solutions

Azuqua eliminates the need to keep up with third party API updates or make changes to brittle custom code.

Scalable solutions and platform


Invest in best of breed

Invest in feature-rich best-of-breed SaaS applications without sacrificing the security or connectivity of a full-stack solution so you can custom tailor your tech stack to your needs and connect them through Azuqua.

All-in-one platform

Reposition IT to control and manage the sprawling SaaS applications company-wide, including: data, …. 

Cost-effective solutions

by eliminating the need for ongoing API developer support. 

“I was up and running with Azuqua right away without having to learn the code methodology or wade through unfamiliar API documentation. I was able to integrate different systems with Azuqua unbelievably quickly.”


Elisa Chou
Senior Operations Manager

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