Azuqua connects you to every app, team, and database company wide. 

Azuqua connects you to every app, team, and database company wide.

Unify your apps, simplify your work

Simplify repetitive tasks into push-button automations that drive efficiency across your organization and streamline customer experience.

Turn disconnected data into actionable insights

Develop seamless digital experiences between every colleague and cloud application, surface valuable customer data, and understand your customers better than ever before. 

Develop repeatable customer journey's

Exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional and repeatable customer experiences each and every time. 

Streamline everyday work

Eliminate repetitive, manual tasks

Automate repetitive work and mission-critical business processes; eliminating data replication, manual data syncing, and copy-and-paste data entry errors – allowing you to do more purpose-driven, higher-value work. 

The data you need, when and where you need it

Turn data into customer intelligence

Break down isolated business databases and applications, enable data-driven decision-making, and surface valuable customer intelligence and insights.

Connect the company, connect with customers

Employees who work within connected, integrated, and automated ecosystems have the ability to provide extraordinary and repeatable customer service experiences.

Create solutions with clicks, not code

Build solutions in minutes, not months

Instead of traditional integrations that rely on months of custom development and big budgets, Azuqua lets you create custom automations and integrations in a matter of minutes. 

“I was up and running with Azuqua right away without having to learn the code methodology or wade through unfamiliar API documentation. I was able to integrate different systems with Azuqua unbelievably quickly.”

– Elisa Chou
Senior Operations Manager

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