Supercharging Sales Ops: How integrating your order system and CRM helps increase deal volume and data accuracy


Webinar Overview

When it comes to meeting customer expectations, there are few things more important than making sure there is a seamless connection between your order system and your CRM. For many companies, building this connection can be a time-consuming, bug-prone problem that prevents sales teams from having an actionable place work their deals and leads to duplicate or unreliable data for sales reporting.

Patten Seed was experiencing a similar problem when Trent Bourgeois, Business Intelligence Manager, was tasked with finding a way to automate the tedious process of ingesting data from a SingleOps order system and surfacing that data as a new deal in Hubspot, Patten Seed’s CRM of choice.

In this webinar, you will learn how Trent inherited an error-prone Zapier automation that struggled to process 25-30 jobs per day and transformed it into a powerful cross-application automation that saves 2-3 hours per day, enabling their sales team to scale orders to over 200 per day.

By leveraging AzuquaPatten Seed discovered that they could eliminate their error-prone Zaps and implement a sales operations solution that helps eliminate manual error, makes sales data more reliable, and accounts for customizations like checking if a deal already exists or if their sales team misses a field in their order intake form.