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Partnering to Enable Integrations

Azuqua Connect provides SaaS companies with the technology required to quickly and easily solve the complex integration scenarios that are critical to their users, eliminating bottlenecks across teams and organizations and resulting in happy, engaged and productive customers. 

Why leading SaaS providers partner with Azuqua:

Increase Adoption and Customer Retention

Azuqua Connect extends the reach of your apps, making them more powerful. With Azuqua, you can easily integrate into your customer’s portfolio of existing apps and become an indispensable part of their business processes.

Faster Time to Value

Azuqua Connect helps you sell faster and win more business by having the ability to rapidly build integrations in days, not weeks or months, eliminating the need for additional software, hardware, or custom development.

Focus on Your Business

Azuqua Connect removes the complexities associated with delivering and managing integrations so your teams can stay focused on building the core features of your SaaS application.

We believe that customer relationships matter more than ever. Our partnership with Azuqua empowers all types of organizations to seamlessly integrate their customer support functions with the rest of the business to enable them to work more intelligently and effectively; and always with the end customer in mind.

– Mike Zinne, VP of Customer Experience, Zendesk

Azuqua Connect Benefits

Make your service or application indispensable to customers. Increase stickiness, improve NPS, and drive renewals by making key application integrations a reality for customers on day one. And as customers scale their business, your solution becomes a central aspect of their technology stack.

Drive more revenue with new capabilities. Arm your professional services team with the technology required to quickly connect applications and build integrations. This allows you to sell more quickly, win more deals, and grow revenue.

Solve complex workflow problems for customers. Go beyond simple native integrations with the know-how to solve complex integration scenarios. Refocus your engineering team on building great products; leave the integration intelligence to Azuqua Connect.

Access a larger SaaS app connection ecosystem. Connect your software to hundreds of popular applications. Set yourself apart from the competition with integration capabilities and time-to-market as key differentiators.

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