Never Lose a Customer – How Azuqua Guarantees Customer Success with the Industry’s best SaaS apps


Webinar Overview

Acquiring new customers can cost as much as 500% more than retaining loyal ones, and loyal customers can drive an additional 80% of business through account growth.

Using real-world customer examples from Charles Schwab and Hubspot, see how Azuqua connects your SaaS apps to make sure you always provide a seamless customer experience across their entire journey – from the moment they visit your website to closing the sale and making them your biggest fans.

Doing this requires fully utilizing your SaaS apps to notify the right person at the right time, including scenarios like:

  • Prompting immediate action when critical support tickets are created in Zendesk via Twilio-driven SMS
  • Alerting your marketing and dev team via Hipchat when Google Analytics detects unexpected website traffic patterns
  • Notify the right salesperson in Slack when you have a new opportunity Salesforce for fast follow-up