Azuqua for Microservices and APIs

Rapidly orchestrate internal tools for an agile infrastructure

Connect Everything

Internal Tools to Cloud Apps

Integrate data and workflows between all of your tools, regardless whether they are commercial solutions or homegrown applications

Reusable by Anyone

Create integrations that anyone in the company can use (with the right permissions). Engineers shouldn’t be a bottleneck to a business team getting the data out of a microservice.

Secure and Reliable

Control authentications so that the right people have real-time access to the data they need no matter where that data lives.


Use Cases


Any developer can create connectors on Azuqua that can then be used by any user on the platform.

Common scenarios include:

  • A standard registration and login flow that can be leveraged by any new app another developer or team builds
  • Data mapping that can be reused by any business team so all new customer data is accurate across every system with the right structure
  • A better connection to internal databases with higher levels of security and authentication requirements
  • Connection of internal APIs (Azuqua also connects directly with Apigee)

Inject agility into your organization with microservices.


Easily pull in data from any public API.

Common APIs include:

  • Weather APIs
  • Location APIs
  • Any company’s data that they surface through a public API like Foursquare or Google Maps

Automate custom workflows triggered by an application event, machine sensors, scheduled timing, or API endpoint.

Common scenarios include:

  • Machine maintenance alerts based on sensor data
  • Sales lead flow with custom rules for your sales team
  • Operational analysis to maximize efficiency and save costs


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